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1/25/03 Phases of the Moon

In September of 2002 I decided to start a phases of the Moon project. Now it's January 2003 and the project is still on-going! The moon completes a whole cycle in about 29 days. I've labeled my images not only with the date they were taken but also with the phase age, counting the new moon as being 1 day old. For example, the moon was new on December 4, 2002, so an image taken on December 9, 2002 would be of a 5 day old moon. Of the possible 29 differnt age values in a cycle, I'm still missing 1-4, 7, 28, and 29 day old images. The new moon will be impossible so the best I could do is 28 images in the sequence. The first 3-4 days and the last 3-4 days are -really- hard to catch but I'm still trying! In addition, I'm hoping to improve the image quality of some of the shots I've already got so I expect this project to continue for quite some time.

For more information on the moon and it's phases, I highly recommend the Cyclopedia Selenica on the Inconstant Moon site.