Posted 4/23/11 - Jupiter's Great Red Spot AND Eurpoa's shadow!

Date: 08/21/10, Optics: LX200 10" F10, Camera: NexImage, Mount: LX200 Classic

A rare photo-op presented itself on this night: the GRS together with a moon shadow transit! The moon in this case being Eurpoa. I took images from 11:26PM on 8/20/10 until 12:52AM on 8/21/10. As these things often go, only a very small window of good seeing was experienced during that time. In fact, only 60 seconds from 12:44-12:45 on 8/21/10 was any good. Images taken before and after this time were soft and lacking detail.

Once again I left the data sitting on my computer for a long time before getting around to processing and posting.