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12/27/03 Barnard 33 - The Horsehead Nebula

One of my all time favorites the Horsehead is a great cloud of dust and gas silhouetted against the bright nebulosity behind it. This shot represents a milestone of sorts. The shot used 5 minute subexposures for LUM and RGB channels. I have found the ST8 guide chip almost useless through the filters, particularly blue. Unable to get a firm lock with filters in place, I have had to guide LUM only, and go unguided for color. For this shot I used the ST8 main chip to guide through an ETX90 guidescope and imaged through the LX200 using my ST8i and color filter wheel. I had some trouble with star elongation. I still need to investigate, it is either due to collimation problems or possibly guiding. I could use a good set of rings to clamp the guidescope down better. It's certainly not perfect but I'm pleased with the progress.